Fiji Sugar Slippery Slide- Symbolic of Fiji Economy 2010

FEBRUARY 15, 2010

Fiji Sugar corp just announced 2009 figs, indicating just how severe the slide is (see below), but as the graph below shows the trend decline has been pretty obvious over the last decade,

FSC Data 2010

Fiji sugar production down 20 per cent Fiji Times 6 Feb 2010

FIJI SUGAR PRODUCTION DOWN 20 PERCENT. Operational difficulties cited
By Elenoa Baselala
SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Feb. 6, 2010) – THE Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) produced 167,611 tonnes of sugar during the 2009 season. The amount was 40,355 tonnes less than the year before, [about a 20 percent decline]. Corporation CEO Deo Saran said 2,246,722 tonnes of cane were crushed by the four mills. The year before the mills crushed 2,321,783 tonnes. Mr. Saran said more molasses was produced this year – 136,005 tonnes compared to 120,114 tonnes the year before. He said the Tonnes Cane to Tonnes Sugar ratio was 13.4 compared to 11.2 in 2008. On standover cane, he said the situation improved compared to the previous year when 35,255 tonnes was recorded compared to 37,255 tonnes in 2008. Mr. Saran said the season had its fair share of challenges. The three larger mills faced operational difficulties due to issues related to commissioning of the new plant installed under the Factory Upgrade Program. Mr. Saran said the corporation had identified the problems and would attend to them during the 2010 slack season.The FSC is confident of a marked improvement in the new season.Mr. Saran thanked the growers, mill workers and stakeholders for their hard work and assistance in what he described as “a rather long and difficult season”.Meanwhile, a sugar boat is in the country for what is believed to be the final shipment.Corporation chairman Ramswarup Gautam said they were likely to be shipping off about 15,000 tonnes of sugar in the last shipment.

Its the 2006 coup! and not operational difficulties that has exascerbated the slide STUPID!