JANUARY 5, 2010

Greetings bloggers, well we start the New Year with the business as usual by Military mouthpieces and its nice to hear from Driti, especially since his fast track promotion to a one-star general.

Driti’s rationale when accusing Shamima Ali of hypocrisy when she objected to Night Clubs remaining open until 5am was on the flimsy basis that since many of her donor countries legalize Night Clubs to open to 5am, she’s a hypocrite for opposing the illegal regime in doing the same.

Driti  should think carefully before scoring cheap points because Australia for instance does have Night Clubs remaining open until 5am. However,  Australia has a legally elected government, whereas you Driti, your military colleagues and boss Bainimarama don’t as you have usurped constitutional power from the lawfully elected PM Laisenia Qarase.

Now turning to this statement, he sounds so hallow when trying to foolishly guarantee stability in Fiji, when it is they the military together with a handful of business people who caused and continues to cause great instability in Fiji today!

He knows what he is saying is all lies because if he truly believed the great majority of people in Fiji believe what is happening is in accordance with the military’s expectations, then why continue to have a retinue of bodyguards for the illegal President,  all illegal Cabinet Ministers and Military Officers!

Look at his underlying threat I have underlined for emphasis! So we can expect more human right abuses at the Delainabua Barracks by these ferocious and brave Fijian soldiers who have to cover their faces with balaclava when terrorising their innocent and harmless victims!

You want to know Driti, how stability can return to Fiji? Resign your unmerited one-star general commission, hand yourself in and publically admit your erroneous ways and treasonous act!

Tui Savu.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Fiji Military Forces Land Force Commander Brigadier Pita Driti has assured that the military will ensure a stable and peaceful Fiji in 2010.

Rejected High Commissioner nominee to Malaysia and incompetent Land Force Commander Brig. General Pita Driti.

In an interview with FBC News Driti says 2010 will be a favorable year for the country.

“As land Force commander I would like to reassure every citizen of this country who love Fiji – that year 2010 will be very stable – very peaceful one and I would urge everyone to aim for their own personal goals and ambitions because I can see light at the end of the tunnel things are going to be very favorable this year.”

Brigadier Driti also issued a stern warning to anyone trying to destabilize the nation, saying they should remember who is in control.

“It is clear that everything is now up to our expectations. As a member of the Military council and Interim government I know that majority of our citizens do agree with that – and there are only a few people who could term as adversaries – but I would discourage them from doing anything and I would like to tell them to keep low and try to cooperate with us in trying to maintain peace otherwise they will be in for something really hard in terms of how we will treat them this year.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation