JULY 29, 2009

Pastor Atu Vulaono founder of the new methodist church in Fiji and brother to the police commish Tele Tuby has layed down strict rules that married couples should follow when making love, woman should not be allowed to be on top.
Does this mean that only the standard missionary position will be allowed in love making, as prescribed by Atu and his dear wife?I believe the woman is not allowed to be on top, and the police will be there to make sure…that is why Atu’s brother police commish Esala Teleni who according to some Fijian police officers is an idiot is on a police cruisade mission all over Fiji preaching to criminals instead of arresting them.
Picture above of Seru Toga who told the police cruisade team persistantly on Saturday night outside Suva night club Oreilly’s that he prefers to be arrested,from then on the Fiji police cruisade team jumped him and bassed him in front of hundreds of patron because he does not want to join the new Methodist church religion.
Bainimarama will officially sacked the President Iloilo from the end of this month because his excellency refuse to recognise the new methodist church to be the new official religion in Fiji watchout you muslims and hindus in Fiji majority of you supported this coup…there will be no more Ganesha the god of rip offs inside the house and that including you Punja…